Creative Engineering

138 Kendal Drive
Oberlin, OH 44074-1906

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Audio Recording and Mastering: Creative Engineering digitally records, mixes, masters, and does limited quantity production of acoustic audio CDs. We specialize in vocal mixes, where the words are important.

interactive Web Database Design & Maintenance Services: Creative Engineering designs and maintains commercial, organizational, and private web sites. We focus on straightforward, fast-loading designs that get the information to the user as directly and quickly as possible. See some of our sites: Present Exchange Hermitage Knoll, Judy Cook, Folklore Society of Greater Washington, or Paintings by Joan Bell

Database Services: Creative Engineering provides custom databases and continuing database services for a variety of customers. We are skilled and efficient at helping to organize and make sense of data in a wide range of disciplines. Database services include database design, maintenance, mailings, and regular and special reports. Many of our web sites are powered by on-line databases to provide the owners with fast and easy control of the contents.

Digital Simulations: Creative Engineering builds computer models of physical systems as aids to understanding and analysis. We have resident expertise in kinematics and electromagnetic fields, and can draw on a local network of experts in most other disciplines.

Sound Reinforcement Creative Engineering designs, installs, and operates sound reinforcement systems.

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